Join Us!

We invite you to join LA's finest for an exclusive sneak preview of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny! In addition to seeing the summer's hottest movie before it hits major audiences, we'll be dining, drinking, and dialing into your new data destiny with Delphix. Don't miss this unforgettable evening!

Where:  IPIC Theater Westwood
When:  Thursday, June 29th 2023, 4pm to 10pm PST
Why:  Thought leadership and insights mind share with industry game changers
Who:  Our community of tech industry leaders + please extend an invite to a peer or like-minded colleague
  4pm Appetizers, Drinks, Mingling 🍺... then Dinner & the Exclusive Movie Premiere 🍽 🎥 🍿 ... all wrapped up with Dessert & a NiteCap for the Collectors Item Prize Drawing around 8pm   :cookie: :tumbler_glass:  ⭐️