Full Name
Aoife O'Brien
Job Title
Senior Director of Customer Success & Global Sustainability
Speaker Bio
As Director of Sustainability and Head of Customer Success in EMEA, Aoife is responsible for the success of our customers in Europe. She has been with Delphix for over 6 years, driving initiatives to ensure customers are achieving value from their investment. Recently Aoife has taken on the Sustainability Director role in Delphix, running Sustainability events to drive awareness and an understanding of how technology can support sustainability.

Prior to Delphix, Aoife has held positions in Presales Management, Solution Principal for Sustainability with SAP UK, and Guest Lecturing with Exeter Sustainable MBA program. With a Post Graduate in Sustainable Business with Cambridge University in the UK, Aoife’s focus is in helping our customers and also understanding how software can support sustainability objectives for organisations.
Aoife O'Brien