Executive Panel: How to Maximize IT Agility Within An Expanding Business
Date & Time
Thursday, June 9, 2022, 2:05 PM - 2:45 PM
Anup Anand Thiruchendhil Arasu Aoife O'Brien

In the race to innovate and release software faster, enterprises have adopted DevOps and CI/CD, cloud, and AI/ML—all of which have a voracious appetite for data. The typical DevOps journey rarely addresses how development impacts the environment. In addition to factors like improving time-to-market, reducing human error, debugging and making financial resource management more efficient, part of your DevOps strategy should include ways to reduce your carbon footprint. So how can you balance technology investments, operational awareness and practices, and environmental discipline to transform DevOps to innovate faster, more responsibly, and sustainably?
Join this session to discover how everywhere the Delphix DevOps Data Platform is deployed. Our virtualization technology consolidates data footprints, generating hard savings while benefiting the planet. Find out how Delphix helps businesses transform responsibly and sustainably with the Strategic Use of Data.